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Geoff Duddy

The winning ticket

for the Spanish Australian Club’s annual Christmas Hamper was held by Geoff Duddy.
Geoff was not present at the draw, but picked up his prize at the VVC general meeting on Thursday 4th Feb.

VVC Autumn Tour 2016

Saturday 23rd April to Friday 29th April 2016


For many years now the Club has run a 'Grand Tour' each year. This year it will be an Autumn Tour following the Great Dividing Range to Northern NSW. This involves seven days of riding on some of the best roads in the country and overnight stops in the best destinations.

We will ride north following the finest roads on the Great Divide. The ride will include the Bells Line Rd,the Putty Road, the Thunderbolt Way, the Waterfall Way, and the Summerland Way. Indeed we will endeavour to follow as many of the top 50 riding roads as can be planned into the route.

Each day's ride will be planned to be less than 400 Km, so the pace can be relaxed. Overnight stays will be in local pubs wherever available.

The precise route and the overnight stops are still being finalised but will be forwarded to the VVC webmaster shortly. These tours have been most enjoyable and very social in past years and I expect this tour to be just as good.

Our return is planned for Friday 29th April to allow two insurance days in case of breakdown or other mishap or detour. Should you wish to join the tour contact Lorraine Litster with your intentions to ride.

Lorraine Litster
0401 400 754

Date: 20 January 2015


1948 Excelsior Restoration

I am currently restoring a 1948 125cc Excelsior. I have all parts with the exception of 1 rear wheel spoke, 2.6mm dia x 240mm long. I have managed to find 2 spokes of the correct diameter but have been unsuccessful in finding someone who can shorten them and do a new rolled thread. I do have the nipple.

Is anyone able to suggest any contacts who may be able to assist me in finding a replacement spoke or shorten and do a new rolled thread.

Peter Ormsby
17 Doe Street
Broken Hill 2880
0418 468 331

Special Event (and open invitation to other clubs)

at the Spanish Australian Club of Canberra

International Guest Speaker

At 7.00pm on Thursday, 11th February, there will be a special presentation on "The Art of the Motorcycle " by guest speaker Charles Falco, from the USA.

  • Charles contacted the VVCMCC early in December to say that he would be speaking at a physics conference in Canberra on the afternoon of Thursday 11 Feb, and kindly asked if we wanted to hear from a guest speaker for free that evening, as his return flight to the US was not scheduled until the next morning.

Charles Falco

Ever since his first ride on the back of a Triumph Thunderbird at age ten Charles has maintained a keen interest in motorcycles of all kinds. One result is that over the past forty years he has assembled one of the largest private collections of motorcycle books and literature in the U.S.

He has drawn extensively from the information in that collection along with his own experience as the owner of two Gold Stars for his book, The Gold Star Buyer's Companion. Previously he edited an anthology of writings on the early years of motorcycling entitled Motorcycling at the Turn of the Century, contributed articles and columns to The Antique Motorcycle, Early-Riders Magazine, Motorcycle Collector Magazine, and Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader, and wrote an essay on the history of motorcycles as well as the Bibliography for the catalog of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's record-breaking1998 The Art of the Motorcycle. He also served as co-Curator of that exhibition, for which he received an award from the International Association of Art Critics.

Professionally, he is a Fellow of four science and engineering societies (the American Physical Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Optical Society of America, and the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)), has published more than 275 scientific manuscripts, co-edited two books, has seven U.S. patents, and given over 400 invited talks at conferences, research institutions, and cultural organizations in 32 countries.

GROG’s Last Ride

Greg McFawn's funeral service was held at Holy Family Church, in Gowrie, ACT on Monday 14th December. ….Read more

The 10th Goulburn Bowl

and BOL d'OR Event
will be held on the 16th and 17th January 2016

This event will be called the Goulburn Grand Prix, highlighting the First Australian Grand Prix held on 15th January 1927.
More details HERE

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Financial VVC members are advised that approval is hereby given to attend events promulgated by Clubs affiliated with the ACT and NSW Councils of Historic Motoring Clubs.

The Event must be recorded in your Log Book prior to departure and approval for all promulgated events outside the ACT and NSW must be sought from the VVC Registrar.

VVC Registrar approval must be sought for individual attendance at any non-promulgated events in any State/Territory.

If you have any doubts......
Contact the Registrar, Phil Sell on 0413 153 019 … prior to setting off on the interstate event.
Please don't forget your Log Book.

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