2004 Club Rally

January 24th-26th Annual Rally

Our 27th Annual Australia Day has now come and gone. Most of the feedback that I have received indicates that most of the participants had a great weekend. From my point of view all of the hard work by the myriad of helpers was all worthwhile. We had three days of great weather, terrific rides, tremendous machines and lovely people, with only a few glitches along the way. I hope that you enjoy this 'Special Edition of Bike Torque' as your own personal memory of the weekend.

This year we had rearranged the Rally schedule to have the Saturday run commence at 10:00am. This meant that 'Late Entries' were not accepted on the day. My apologies to anyone that missed out; but please get organized earlier next year as we will again not accept entries on the day. Entries will again close 'absolutely' on 14 January 2005, with a $25 late fee for those received after 7 January 2005. Please get your entries in on time next year to avoid disappointment and the late fee.

At about 9:45am the Rally Director (yours truly) got on the end of that darned megaphone again for the customary 'Attention in the Pits, Attention in the Pits' and welcomed one and all to our 27th Annual Australia Day Rally. After the marshals were mustered and dispatched by our Grand Marshall Lyn, 'Rally Director and general factotum Bill' called for the veteran bikes to lead us out. A special request was also received from Bill Guthrie on the mighty Lambretta scooter to accompany the veterans. I guess he was concerned that all of his 150cc would work on the day, or maybe he was expecting headwinds. The veterans and scooter were followed shortly thereafter by the rest of the mob. The run to Gundaroo (for a few quick drinks at the newly renovated wine bar) was a very pleasant ride. The wine Bar staff had been pre-warned to expect thirsty bikers at about 10:30am and were all set for us when we arrived. The weather was excellent (mid 20s) and this was better than last year when we encountered 35C. This was one of the benefits of a morning ride. The 140 bikes were an impressive sight at Gundaroo and we only had a couple of bikes that 'failed to proceed'. Quite a few broke down on the way, but several were repaired 'en-route' and only Geoff Nicholas' 1905 Peugeot and Harry Julian's HD had to be 'trailered'. Nicho's Peugeot broke down in the same manner as last year (retaining pin on the exhaust valve), although he made it a lot further this year. He assures me that he will perform a 'permanent fix' on the Peugeot for next years Rally. Eric Larson was seen slowing considerably going up the hills on his newly acquired 1914 BSA. He found out later that there is a special setting on the carby for 'on the move' adjustment to give more power up hills. Graham Froud's 1907 Triumph was also spotted on the side of the road whilst Graham made some minor adjustments (fitting new exhaust valve, I think). Both Eric and Graham made it to Gundaroo without the need for the trailer. Mark and Robert Hewson were not so lucky with their Ariel Square Fours. They refused to run smoothly at EPIC and could not make the run (they won the 'Hard Luck Trophy, bad luck). Mark thought that they had received a dose of bad fuel.

After a few cool drinks we headed back to EPIC for the 'category lineup' and the machine judging. It was a fantastic array of quality bikes, well done one and all. This year we had a good range of about 145 veteran, vintage, classic and modern machines from 1905 to 2004. It was certainly the best spread of bikes we have seen in recent years with many quality bikes in almost each category (we need a few more Military machines to give Jim Carmody a bit of competition; watch this space, we will invite the 'Military Machine Club' next year). After the judging a hot roast spud lunch was served by Bob Hardy and his lovely assistants from Rustler's Spit Roast. It was delicious although some unfortunate folk missed out on a spud. For those that missed out (about 8 people), please accept our sincere apologies. We will ensure that this does not happen next year; no lunches will be available for purchase on the day until all of the pre-booked diners have had their fill (including marshals).

After lunch, Rob Harris and Nick ran the Motorkhana events, beginning with the slalom, followed by the slow ride and judgement ride. The spectators marveled at the skills and speed of the demon on that blue '29 Beesa Sloper when he went through without a penalty in the slalom (but was bit too slow unfortunately). Then last years winner, Howard Kneebone, 'lined up' on his nimble Jawa. He went out at a cracking pace, but alas put his foot down at the turn for a 5 second penalty. He had a second go 'for fun' and actually went through quicker than the winner, but the rules state only one official run per entrant. Bad luck Howard, better luck next year. The slow ride was hotly contested, although that bloke on the blue Beesa Sloper thought that discretion was the better part of valour and did not appear. I understand that he has just had its carby resleeved and is still sorting out the correct starting procedure! Howard Kneebone was so worked up after his poor effort in the slalom that he blitzed the field by more than 1 seconds. Well done Howard. The Judgement event followed and Howard was again keen not to be outclassed. He went through the sticks cleanly with them 80mm narrower than his bike. The only problem was that he forgot to read the rules. The trick is to judge the width of your bike exactly. The rules state 'too narrow and you are disqualified'. Never mind, now you know for next year. Sue Cramp on her BMW had a perfect score, negotiating the sticks without knocking them over and at exactly the width of her bike. Bravo! The full results are provided at the end of this report; well done to the winners.

After the Motorkhana most people settled down for some motorbike stories and a few light refreshments before getting ready for the presentation dinner. This is part of what motorbike rallies are all about; socializing with like-minded converts to the classic motorbike cause. Many a story has been told and bikes fixed during these segments at the various rallies attended. The dinner commenced at about 7:00pm when about 150 people gathered in the Quokka Pavillion for a sumptuous two course Rustler's Spit Roast dinner. 'Yours truly' called the diners to the servery on a 'table by table' basis in random order. (By the way, I understand that he is open to bribes if you want to eat earlier!) In between the main course and dessert we ran the raffle with many 'happy campers' winning prizes. I counted at least 12 'shell caps' going out the door. Many thanks to all of our prize donors (listed elsewhere).

After dessert Barbi conducted the official proceedings for our 'Rally Rascals', the young at heart bikers. Barbi had arranged showbags, a colouring competition, 'Kid's Choice' bike judging, etc for the kids. The colouring competition was contested in four age group categories and the judges were so impressed with the entries that everyone won a prize! Barbi had David Nielson helping to officiate and well done to all of the 'rascall' winners. It was a great hit with the kids; the look on Rhiannan Darderi's face when she won her 'Junior Rascall' bear was priceless. Thanks to Barbi and Rod for running the 'Rally Rascalls' program. Barbi finished off with a poem tribute to the Rally as follows:

My, Mum was shocked with horror
I'd spent the night with Pierce and Norman
She told me off and roared that
my behaviour wasn't normal

By now I was too wary
To mention any names,
Didn't have the heart to tell her
I'd been out with Ace and James

The crunch came when I left again
And Mum was all a-fluster
I'd gone out with Francis Barnett
But showed up with Augusta

I finally told her not to worry
Can imagine how she feels
And so I did inform her
All these 'loves' were each two wheels

I had to reassure her
That while through life I plod
I've only had one real love
Reserved for my V-Rod

The official presentations then followed with some very impressive machines and riders winning the various categories. A list is provided at the end of this report. A very special thankyou to all of our various Trophy sponsors (listed elsewhere). Two special awards were provided this year. Bob Lawrence won the 'Furthest riden' award and when Steve Miller found out that Bob was getting the award he was a bit peeved, as he had come from California! But before he could complain too much, he was awarded the 'Furthest Travelled' award. Both received a VVC Club cap and a certificate for their efforts. Well done. Just for the record we also had participants from as far as Cobar, Coffs Harbour and two riders even came down from Wyongah (check your maps) for the day on Sunday. The evening began to 'slow down' at about 10:30pm with most people well 'fed and watered'.

Sunday's ride was to Lanyon for morning tea, via Majura Rd, Anzac Parade, Lady Denman Drive, Cotter Rd, Uriarra loop and the back road. It was a lovely ride of about 105km with winding country roads, overcast skies and low 20C temperatures. The Urriara loop and sweeping bends on the back road were particularly enjoyable. Many riders congratulated us on the ride. The only slight drawback was the dusty 1km driveway into Lanyon Homestead. We will see if there are any other options to eliminate this slight problem next year. I agree that after 100km of cruising, an old classic British bike might have traces of oil around the engine that could attract dust like iron filings to a magnet! Keep an eye out for next years program with possible improvements in this regard. There were a few mishaps along the way, with Alan Lowe's lovely 1914 V twin Matchless deciding to 'let the rear piston go'! The head of the piston came off and exited the engine through the head. Apparently the pistons should have been riveted and welded, but were only welded. Alan assures us that it will be repaired and on its way again in due course. On arrival at Lanyon, Ross, Nerida, Helen, Sue and Lynn had prepared a fantastic spread of sandwiches, cakes and pikelets. They went down really well with either a cool drink or a welcome 'cuppa'. We really are spoilt by our band of willing kitchen helpers; thanks heaps guys! After an hour or so, we were again on our way back to EPIC via Point Hutt Crossing, the Tidbinbilla back road, Coppins Crossing, William Hovell Drive, and the Barton Highway. It was a great ride back, although a 'marshalling mishap' meant that a few of our marshals were left out for an extra hour or so before we realized that they were 'missing'. Our sincere apologies go to Floyd Primmer, James Primmer (and girlfriend) and Hector Sunderland (and Tim). We will put procedures in place to ensure that it does not happen again.

On arrival back at EPIC Rustler's Spit Roast was waiting to serve us some hot roast rolls. We were entitled to two rolls per ticket, although Rustler's wanted to ensure that everyone had one first before 'issueing' the second. They were delicious and most feedback on the catering arrangements were very positive.

Sunday afternoon was a chance to relax or go for a 'self-managed' ride. The Shoalhaven Crew decided to ride to Yass, via the Medway 'Ranch'. I understand they had a great ride. The rest of us had a good relax with even more bike stories and liquid refreshments.

Monday morning saw us gather about 27 bikes and riders for a ride around the lookouts. It was again lovely weather and we had a very pleasant and comfortable ride to Telstra Tower, Redhill Lookout and Mt Ainslie lookout. At Mt Ainslie we were treated to a 'front-row seat' for a 21 gun salute from the Army and a terrific flying display from the RAAF Roulette aerobatic team. Most of the riders were very impressed that I had organized the display and salute (well my 20 years in the RAAF did give me a few contacts). On return to EPIC most of the campers gathered their 'goods and chattels' for the journey home. A few of us spent a couple of hours doing the obligatory cleanup and then the Rally was over. Many thanks to the clean-up crew: Roy and Gwen Jury, John Broad, Ross Everitt, Lorraine Litster, Peter Toet, Ann Heffernan, Rod Greschke and Steve Butcher (apologies if I left someone out).

Overall, it was another really great Rally. This year we were certainly blessed with the weather, despite the threat of afternoon storms, etc. Our regulars and newcomers alike all commented on how good the Rally was. I can only thank sincerely the band of ever faithful helpers that give up their time to make it a success. Well done one and all. Many thanks to our trophy sponsors and prize donors as well (complete list elsewhere in this Bike Torque). For the record, we had 136 machines entered from 140 entrants with 21 Triumphs, 20 BSAs, 16 BMWs, 13 Hondas, 9 Velocettes, 8 Nortons, 6 Ariels, 6 Indians, 6 Kawasakis, 4 Ducatis, 4 AJSs, 3 Harley Davidsons, 3 Matchless, 3 Suzukis and many others. We had 42 family members (spouses and 'rascalls') and sold 160 Rally badges.

Pre-booked meals were: 123 Saturday lunches, 147 Saturday Presentation dinners, and 121 Sunday lunches.

See you next year at our 28th Annual Rally,

Safe Riding,

Bill Lewis

Trophy Winners

Best Veteran Machine 1st Alan Lowe's 1914 Matchless 1000 Tourer
2nd Geoff Nicholas's 1905 Peugeot 4
3rd Laurie Deller's 1911 Norton 480
Best Vintage machine 1st Geoff Bland's 1927 BSA V Twin
2nd Terry Dunn's 1923 Raleigh
3rd Doug Ferguson's 1928 Indian 101
Best Pre-War Classic Machine 1st Peter Davey's 1937 BSA Y13
2nd Wilf Rath's 1938 AJS Silver Streak
Best Post-War Classic I Machine 1st Bill Guthrie's 1956 Lambretta D150
2nd Floyd Primmer's 1952 Moto Guzzi Falcone
3rd Garry Solomon's 1949 Triumph Speed Twin
Best Post-War Classic II Machine 1st Paul Chapman's 1969 Velocette Sportsman
2nd Alan Irwin's 1963 Royal Enfield Interceptor
3rd Terence Deeth's 1968 Ducati MkIII
Best Modern Machine 1st Jame's Primmer's 1974 Ducati 250 Desmo
2nd Bill Walsh's 1978 Suzuki GS1000
3rd Robert Campton's 1974 Suzuki Titan
Best Outfit 1st Rob Woolley's 1917 Harley Davidson J
2nd Denis Tobler's 1956 Ariel 4G
3rd John Marquette's 1966 BMW R60/2
Best Military 1st Jim Carmody's 1942 BSA WM20
Best BSA Kaj Nielson's 1967 BSA A65 Lightning
Best Norton Adam Lawrence's 1973 Norton Commando
Best AJS/Matchless Richard Holland's 1961 AJS Model 31
Best Triumph Garry Solomon's 1949 Triumph Speed Twin
Best 4 Cylinder machine Bill Walsh's 1976 Suzuki GS1000
Best Japanese Machine Bob Campton's 1974 Suzuki 500 Titan
Best New Restoration Bill Walsh's 1976 Suzuki GS1000
Best Lady Participant Gwen Jury
Best Junior Participant Nicholas Fuller
King of the Kids David Nielson
Junior Rascal Rhiannon Darderi
Kid's Choice Doug Ferguson's 1928 Indian
Slalom 1st Robert Small 1967 BSA A65L 13.32 secs
2nd Greg Stevens 1971 Honda CB750 16.06 secs
3rd Graeme Cramp 1958 BMW R60 16.75 secs
Slow Ride 1st Howard Kneebone 1952 Jawa Type 11 14.0 secs
2nd Roy Atherton 1972 BMW R75/5 12.35 secs
3rd Bob Small 1967 BSA A65L 10.16 secs
Judgement 1st Sue Cramp 1971 BMW R60 0mm
2nd Craig Mill 1947 Norton ES2 75mm
3rd Bernie Medway Norton Commando 80mm
Hard Luck Award Mark & Robert Hewson's Ariel Square 4s
Furthest Ridden Bob Lawrence & 1982 BMW Outfit
Furthest Travelled Steve 'Possum' Miller from California
King of the Rally Paul Chapman & 1969 Velocette Sportsman

Trophy Sponsors & Prize Donors

King of the Rally - Action Motorcycles
Best Japanese Machine - Action Motorcycles
Best 4 Cylinder Machine - Action Motorcycles
Best Junior Participant: Harry Julian
Best Lady Participant: Harry Julian
Best AJS/Matchless: Grand-Prix Karting
Best BSA: Grand-Prix Karting
Best Norton: Grand-Prix Karting
Best Triumph: Eurotune Motorcycles

Prize Donors:
Joes Motorcycles: Shell hats
Robbos Motorcycles: $50.00 Voucher, Harley Pooch
Canberra Motorcycle Centre: Kawasaki: Chain Lube, Fog Off
Honda: Cap, Badges, Stubby Holder
Dahlitz Motorcycles: $50 Voucher
Jim Eade Motorcycles: Goggles
Gecko Motorcycles: $25 Voucher
TJs Motorcycles: Cleaners, Chain Lube, Air pump.
ACT M/C Wreckers: Helmet

Rally Helpers:
Rally Director Bill Lewis
EPIC Hire, etc Bill Lewis

Artwork/Design Bill Lewis
Trophies from Trophylink, Maryborough St

Artwork/Design Bill Lewis
Made by Trophylink, Maryborough St

Advertising Bill Lewis
Rally Pack Printing Steve Butcher, Bill Lewis

Catering at EPIC:
Saturday lunch Rustler's Spit Roast - Hot Spud
Saturday Dinner Rustler's Spit Roast - 2 Meats, 4 salads, dessert
Sunday lunch Rustler's Spit Roast - Hot Roast Rolls
Lanyon Morning Tea Ross Everitt, Sue Rann, Peter & Nerida Barges, Lyn Nicholas
Liquor License Bill Lewis
Drinks Purchase John Sever (Beer) & Peter Barges (Softies)
Table/Chair Hire Bill Lewis
Dinner/Lunch Ticket Printing Bill Lewis

Grand Marshall Lyn Randall
Marshalls Harry Julian, TJ Dunn, Peter Dunster, Peter Toet, Ann Heffernan, Dick Holland, Floyd Primmer, James Primmer, Hector Sunderland, John Broad, Ray Scott, Roy Jury (tail-end-charlie), & many more
Back-up vehicles Russell Beckett, David Ault
Back-up Utility provided by Dunster Automotive
Property John Broad & truck
Tables, Vests, Signs, Freezers, Megaphone, Fridge & BBQ, motorkhana witches hats & poles, star pickets, signs, urns, etc
Category Signs John Broad
Cash, Float, etc Roy Jury
Raffle Prizes/ sponsorship Roy Jury
MC for Dinner & Presentations Bill Lewis
Dinner Barman Roy Jury
Dinner Menus Bill Lewis
Trophy Presentations John Sever & Bill Lewis
Dinner Ticket Collectors Geoff Nicholas & ?? Nicholas
Drip tray cardboard Rod Greschke

Rally Mailout
Address compilation Steve Butcher
Address labels Steve Butcher
Mailout Bill Lewis
Sponsors letters Bill Lewis
Rally Registration Desk Roy Jury, Gwen Jury
Raffle Ticket sales Roy Jury, Gwen Jury
Rally Entry receipting Roy Jury
Rally Database Steve Butcher
Trophy Tallying & Printing Lyn Randall & Jon Gough
Motorkhana Events Rob & Nick Harris
Rally Rascalls Junior Program Barbi Osborn & Rod Greschke
Photo Display, Rally Banner Barbi Osborn
Monday Clean-up Crew Ross Everitt, John Broad, Rod Greschke, Barbi Osborn, Steve Butcher,
Lorraine Litster, Peter Toet, Ann Heffernan, Roy Jury, Gwen Jury
Rally Report Bill Lewis
Bike Torque Rally Special Edition Bill Lewis, Chris Bridgland

by Lorraine