2002 Club Rally

King of the Rally 2002
Paul Chapman with his 1961 Velocette Viper

A few more of the bikes at our Rally in 2002

The Rally preparations began in earnest on the Friday morning. Ross Everitt and John Broad began assembling the Club's 'kit' at EPIC from about 9:00am. I arrived at about 1:00pm and found several of the campers 'on-site'. By late afternoon many campers had arrived and started to fettle their machines. Our Rally Site was already beginning to adopt the familiar sight and air of bikes, friends and fun. I had also packed my swag and slept the night at EPIC ready for the Saturday onslaught.

Saturday morning dawned with a forecast of fine weather and 30°C. By mid morning the majority of rally entrants had arrived and were ready for action. At 10:30am or so Rob Harris set up the witches hats for the slalom, ably assisted by his everwilling helpers, Nick and Sarah Harris. Many riders tried their skills, led off by yours truly on the Sloper, but they were no match for Howard Kneebone from Goulburn. Howard won the event by a clear 2 seconds; many years of motorbike racing had honed his skills and he rode the nimble Jawa with precision and style. Well done. A special mention again this year goes to Salty on the Lambretta: he hit all but two hats on the first run, but got the other two on the next run!

The next event was the slow ride and again Robert Harris and the kids ran a great event. Many starters had a go, revved up by yours truly on the megaphone. Several riders defaulted by putting their foot down, but again the winner was best by about 2 seconds: Anton Wurz on his BMW. We quickly moved on to the judgement ride and I again 'led off the procession'. An impressive 37mm; old Sloper had set the mark for the rest. But it wasn't to last. Bernie Medway on the 1932 Norton beat it by 2mm. Well done Bernie.

It was now about 12:00 midday and time to settle the collywobbles with a sausage or hamburger from the 'Everitt Kitchen'. Nerida Barges and Jerry Hampson were manning the sales desk, whilst Peter Barges, Geoff Nicholas and Waine Summerfield were on the BBQ duty. A pay as you go affair saw everyone fed and watered. Well done to the Kitchen Staff!

At 1:00pm I manned the megaphone, formally welcomed everyone on behalf of our Club and conducted the riders briefing for the afternoon ride to Gundaroo. Grand Marshall TJ had mustered his marshalls and they headed off to their 'posts'. They were shortly thereafter followed by about 140 bikes and riders winging their way to the Wine Bar at Gundaroo for some afternoon refreshments. Several bikes found the 30°C tough going and had to stop for repairs along the way. Ashley Medway's BSA 'failed to proceed' with a seized engine and a few bikes halted temporarily for running repairs. On arrival in Gundaroo we commandeered both sides of the road for the entire stretch on 'the main drag', an impressive sight indeed. The cool refreshments from the wine bar were a welcome relief from the warm afternoon sun. There were two options for the return ride to EPIC: directly back via Sutton and the Federal Highway, or the long ride via Murrumbateman (almost) the Barton Highway and the George Harcourt Inn!

On return the bikes were parked in their various categories for the judging to begin. The bikes were an impressive sight. Everyone was impressed by the quantity and quality of the bikes this year. Of particular note was the extremely high standard of the six bikes that contested the Best New Restoration category. All six bikes were a credit to their owner/restorers and all of them were worthy of the trophy. The six bikes were Geoff Nicholas' 1905 Peugeot, Peter Davey's 1939 SS80 Brough Superior, John Sever's 1955 BSA M20, Dave Betts' 1970 BSA Lightning, Ian Brock's 1957 Moto Guzzi Ladola and Mick Hayes'1969 Triumph Trophy TR6C. Alas there could only be one winner. A list of the 1st place Trophy winners is at the end of this report. A full listing of all place-getters will be in the Special Bike Torque Rally Edition. Well done to one and all.

At about 4:00pm it was time for Barbi's Exhaust Note competition. Once again I manned the megaphone and drummed up the 'starters'. Bikes and riders lined up and one by one revved 'em up for the crowd of voters. A special mention goes to Dave Moriceau on his 1976 Triumph T140V for thrilling bystanders with a very impressive wheelstand (almost over the top!). But the winner by popular vote was Mark Leverett from Melbourne on his Triumph Trident. Ah, there's nothing quite like the sound of a British Triple 'on song' (so he said).

We all departed the scene to regroup for the Presentation Dinner.

By about 6:30pm most of the 161 diners had assembled for the evening's festivities. Waine Summerfield acted as MC for the night and handled the job with his usual decorum and quiet style!! Dinner was provided by Bob Hardie and his courteous staff from Rustler's Spit Roast. A sumptuous fare was served; everyone had ample quantity (seconds were even available) and the quality was second to none. Well done Bob. Whilst everyone was munching Roz did a final whip around with the raffle tickets and by about dessert we were ready for the draw.

Raffle prizes were donated by various companies and organisations. A complete list is shown at the end of this report. Many thanks to our generous supporters. The first winner was drawn by our youngest, newest member, Matt Todd. Tickets were continually drawn until the last prize was gone. Many people won prizes and a few won several. After the raffle it was time for the official trophy presentations. President Bob Courtney officiated, ably assisted by yours truly. Again, a complete list of winners is at the end of the report and they were all very worthy winners. Barbi's Exhaust Note trophy presentation and poem was again a highlight of the evening. The poem will be reproduced in the 2002 Special Bik Torque Rally Edition; well done Barbi and Mark Leverett. The presentations ended at about 10:30pm and everyone then settled into some less formal banter, relaxation and bike stories. The evening ended before midnight for most people and they headed for home, except a few hard-core triumph register types who had bought their swags to avoid the RBTs. They finally settled down in the wee small hours after much merriment and mirth, rounded out by Mark Leverett's jokes.

Also of note during the evening was the presence of Baldy and his wife from Live to Ride magazine as our honoured guests. Members will remember the terrific coverage of our 2001 Rally in Live to Ride magazine last year and Baldy was here again to cover the event. He met the crowd at Gunderoo and got some great shots of the whole event. He also attended the Sunday 'Big Ride' and we can't wait to see the outcome. Baldy says that a story will probably be in the July or August edition. Be on the lookout. Thanks for coming Baldy. We hope you had a great time!

Sunday morning commenced with the promise of more hot weather and a lot of fun. The 'Big Ride' was our ever popular 'Lanyan and Cotter loop'. I bellowed out the riders brief by about 9:30am and then the marshalls were on their way. We followed soon after and headed for morning tea at Lanyan Homestead. On arrival, Ross and his band of helpers had everything in order to quench the riders thirst and tempt then with cakes, biscuits and other fine food. The line-up of bikes was an impressive sight. There were a couple of breakdowns on the way and the back-up trailers were earning their keep.

After about 40 minutes I went into 'rider's briefing' mode and sent the riders on their way to the Cotter for a free cool drink. It was fine and 34°C with the usual lovely sweeping bends through the country roads and pine forests along the way. The ride was great.

Ray Scott marshalled at the Tharwa turn with his glove pointing the way on the end of a broomstick! Well done Ray and although Ray covered that marshalling point by himself, when I got to the Cotter carpark I was surprised to see that the left turn had demanded about twelve marshalls to make sure we didn't miss the turn. The fact that this was across the road from the Cotter pub had nothing to do with it; I'm sure the guys only wanted to make sure that there was no repeat of last years marshalling errors! Chris Bridgland had the drinks trailer in place and everyone appreciated the free drinks on the warm morning. After a while we all headed back to EPIC where Bob Hardie and his bevy of helpers from Rustler's Spit Roast had the roast roll lunch 'ready to roll.' It was about 2:00pm and everyone had a great lunch followed by a relaxing afternoon of chatting and fettling.

Most people had a quiet night Sunday night and rested up for the 'round the lookout ride' the next morning. There was some excitement though, when Roy Jury had to call the police to an alleged theft associated with the 'all night wargamers' in the adjacent Coorong Pavilion.

The next morning Roy Jury, Ross Everitt and Peter Davey gathered up about 20 other riders and set off on the ride to the lookouts; Stromlo, Red Hill, Black Mountain and Mt Ainslie. Lovely weather was again the order of the day and when they arrived at Black Mountain many wanted to sample the view from the top. So up they went and the 'out of towners' said it was one of the highlights of the rally. They returned to EPIC at about 2:00pm and went about the job of packing up and heading off. It had been a terrific weekend; most said it was the best Rally that they had attended in some years. I have to agree.

Thanks to all of our members and others that contributed to the event. It takes a lot of hard work from many people and we can't do it without their support. I have listed them elsewhere in this report and please accept my apologies if I have overlooked someone. On behalf of all of the Rallyists, thank you all for your assistance in ensuring that out Silver Anniversary Rally will be one to remember.

For the record we had 140 bikes entered, including 24 Triumphs, 21 BSAs, 15 BMWs, 9 Hondas, 8 Nortons, 7 Ariels and many others. There were 161 at the Presentation Dinner and 126 at the Sunday lunch. We supplied 160 Rally badges.

Thanks to all the entrants, because without you we would not even have a Rally.

Safe riding and we look forward to seeing you back next year.

2002 RALLY CLASS WINNERS Best Veteran Motorcycle (to end of 1918) - Geoff Nicholas's 1905 Peugeot
Best Vintage Motorcycle (1919 to 1930) - Bob Courtney's 1927 Triumph NA
Best Pre-War Classic Motorcycle (1931 to 1945) - Peter Davey's 1939 Brough Superior SS80
Best Post-War Classic I Motorcycle (1946 to 1957) - Floyd Primmer's 1952 Moto Guzzi Falcone Sport
Best Post-War Classic II Motorcycle (1958 to 1972) - Paul Chapman's 1961 Velocette Viper
Best Modern Motorcycle (1973 onwards) - James Primmer's 1973 Ducati Desmo
Best Outfit Motorcycle - Denis Tobler's 1958 Ariel FH
Best Military Motorcycle - Jim Carmody's 1942 BSA WM20

Slalom Race - 1st: Howard Kneebone on his 1950 Jawa Type II : 14.65 secs
Slow Race (over 10m) - 1st: Anton Wurz on his 1972 BMW R75/5: 19.9 secs
Judgement (from 10m) - 1st: Bernie Medway on his 1932 Norton Model 20: 35mm
Best Exhaust Note - Mark Leverett's 1971 Triumph T150

Best Silver Machine - Stefan Jerga's 1962 Norton 650SS
Best AJS/Matchless - Dick Holland's 1961 AJS Model 31
Best Sporting Interest - Ron Dark's 1962 BSA Super Rocket
Best BSA - John Ducat's 1937 BSA Empire Star
Best Norton - Wayne Bryant's 1957 Norton 50
Best Triumph - Allan Smith's 1938 Triumph Tiger 90
Best Lady Participant - Nerida Barges
Best Young Participant - Matt Todd
Best New Restoration - Dave Betts's 1970 BSA A65 Lightning
Hard Luck Story - Gretta Stubbs, pillion passenger on Dick Stubbs' 1955 Norton ES2

King of the Rally - Paul Chapman with his 1961 Velocette Viper

Thank You

A special sincere thanks to all of our Rally Sponsors and Trophy Donors:

Harry Julian: Best Lady Participant
Harry Julian: Best Young Participant
Triumph Register: Best Triumph
Dunster Automotive: Best Sporting Interest
Barbi Osborn: Best Exhaust Note
Insurance Manufacturers of Australia: $300 Donation
Workin' Gear: Akubra Hat
ACT Motorcycle Wreckers: Disc Brake Lock
Eurotune Motorcycles: Model Triumph
Capital Harley Davidson: $30 gift voucher
Action Motorcycles: Cleaning Products
Castrol: 3 x 4Lt Oil, 3 x Chain Lube
Canberra Motorcycle Centre: Set of coasters, Honda mug, Kawasaki bike
Dahlitz Suzuki: 4lt Oil, Chain Lube Brake fluid
Gecko Motorcycle Company: $25 Gift Voucher
Joe's Motorcycle Wreckers: 3 Hats, 2 Shirts
PARASOLEMT: Motorist First Aid Kit
Permatex (Loctite): Three Loctite Packs
Robbo's Motorcycles: $50 Gift Voucher
Ryans Motorcycles: Goggles, Grips, Road Atlas


special thank you to all of our Rally helpers (in random order):

Bill Lewis, Roy Jury, Warren Feakes, Roz Jury, John Broad, Scott Jury, Ross Everitt, Helen Harvey, TJ Dunn (and all of his marshalls), Steve Butcher, Lyn Randall, John Sever, Nerida Barges, Peter Barges, Wayne Summerfield, Geoff Nicholas, Rob, Nick & Sarah Harris, Jenni Cole, Peter East, Laurie Collis & ???, Rod Greschke, Barbi Osborn, Chris Bridgland, Bob Courtney, Dunster Automotive and all of the helpers for the Rally Pack night and Rally site clean-up

Rally Report by Roy