2001 Club Rally

Garry Solomon
King of the Rally 2001
Garry Solomon and his 1928 Triumph TT

A few more of the bikes at our Rally in 2001

A Report on the Twenty-fourth Annual Rally - 2001

Well, another Australia Day Rally has come and gone. A very full three days of activities have been had and we can now relax as we contemplate next years rally. But first let me give you all of the details of our 24th Annual Australia Day Rally. We received about 125 entries with a variety of machines. Some even came from as far as Queensland, Melbourne and Tassie. Of course, this year Australia Day fell on the Friday, so we had a full three days to play with.

The Rally commenced on the Friday morning with the usual relaxed atmosphere of registrations allowing some of us to renew old friendships with some of our regular interstate visitors, as well as welcoming some new entrants. Roy Jury ran the Registration desk, whilst Lyn Randall and Rod Greschke looked after new entrants. At about 10 am Jon Gough got some of the Gymkana events under way (slalom, slow race & judgement). Two efforts here are worth a special mention: Salty on the Lambretta won a special award for taking out the most cones in the slalom; and Ron Dunster won a special award for the slow race on his 'racing' four-wheeled electric go-machine!

A pay as you go lunch was offered under the watchful eye of Ross Everitt (as usual). His 'kitchen hands' (see jobs list at the end of this report) did a great job with the sausage sandwiches. The afternoon run commenced around 1:00pm after 'Rally Director' yours truly formally welcomed one and all to the Rally and 'Grand Marshall' TJ mustered his troops and shouted out the riders briefing. A short ride to Gundaroo ensued before a brief 'pitstop'.

The 34C heat made the going tough work for bikes and riders alike. The Gundaroo pub did a roaring trade for about half an hour as riders 'refreshed' themselves and bikes 'rested'. Unfortunately, we had several minor mishaps along the way with an Ariel square four refusing to run on all four, a Truimph clutch proving 'dicky', an Indian needing further carby adjustments, several other 'stop and fix' interludes and Stubby's Ariel failed to proceed (sticking exhaust valve).

After the drinks stop the 'short ride' returned direct to EPIC and the 'long ride' returned via Murrumbateman (and of course the George Harcourt Pub). Dick Stubbs returned 'pillion' on Roy Jury's Kwaka and Greta Stubs returned 'pillion' on John Sever's Suzuki. Fact: this was the first time that Dick has ever travelled pillion!! Fact: this was the fist time in 44 years of motorcycling that Greta has pillioned with anyone other than Dick. Well done folks and thanks to Gwen Jury for giving up her seat for Dick. My '29 BSA Sloper struggled in the heat with a lack of oil pressure in the sweltering conditions, even with a tank full of Castrol R, but I was able to nurse her home to EPIC.

On return, the bikes lined up in their normal categories for judging. Most categories were hotly contested with a tough time for judges and entrants in choosing appropriate winners. An impressive array of Harley's and Indians contested the American Iron 'Feature Marque'. All winners are as listed at the end of this report. Barbi's exhaust note competition followed, with a bit of geeing-up from yours truly. Some good 'notes' were struck and the crackle of Geoff Meller's Race Bike was 'something else'. Ah, the sweet smell of methanol and castrol R, accompanied by the sharp crackle of a 'straight through' pipe tuned for racing! It was then down to the serious business of relaxing around the Rally site for a few drinks and stories, as well as those necessary few running repairs to the steady steads.

Dinner was served at about 6:30pm, comprising a steak, sausage and salad affair superbly prepared by some tireless staff (again, see the job list at the end of this report). A long hot day was had by all, but after rejuvenation with food and drink, we were all set for a good night's sleep and a fresh start on Saturday for the usual 'Big Ride'. Unfortunately, for our 'happy campers' at EPIC the Pavilion alarm system went off at about 11pm for about 15 minutes and similarly thereafter every hour until about 8am. This was a repeat of the previous night's activities as well. Please accept our apologies. Although EPIC staff were called and reset the alarm (several times), this episode continued on the Saturday night as well. We were told that the alarm was new and kept resetting itself, but this was no comfort to our now 'unhappy campers'!

This year we had two options for the Big Ride Day: our normal leisurely Cotter loop and return via Urriara Crossing; and a quick Cotter loop ride, then back to EPIC to regroup before participating in the 'Celebration of Motorcycling' Centenary of Federation ride with about 20,000 other bikes. Both options started about 9:15am for the obligatory run to Lanyon for Morning Tea . A band of helpers had set up shop for a cuppa and eats that were up to the normal high standard. After a half hour or so of gorging and chatting, we headed for the Cotter 'drinks stop' where John Sever was waiting with a trailer full of cool drinks. Temperatures were down a bit on the previous day, but the mercury was still hitting about 32C!

From there, the 'Celebration' riders (about 50 of us) cut their break short and headed directly back to EPIC via Cotter road. The other riders had a longer stop at the Cotter and then headed off for the traditional leisurely return to EPIC via Urriara Crossing. They knew they were on the 'Big Ride', but about 20 or 30 of the riders were 'side-tracked' onto a 'Bigger Ride' when one of the marshals got a bit confused and sent them to Yass via Mountain Creek Road! About 20 Km of dirt and a refuel stop in Yass, saw them return to EPIC an hour or two later. Sorry about that folks, we will get better next year. Some of the 'tourists' even suggested that we include this 'detour' on the Big Ride next year also. We'll see.

Meantime, the 'Celebration' riders duly formed up at the front of the 20,000 bikes and headed in to Parliament house with police (and Hell's Angels) escort. This was quite a buzz, even if it was all a bit of a rush.

There were a few withdrawal's during the day: Alan Lowe's four cylinder FN had gear lever problems, Jim Carmody's WM20 had a problem, Harry Julian's Velo failed to proceed from Lanyan and Peter Houghton's Norton Commando snapped a throttle cable. On return we were treated to a 'health-packed' late lunch of sandwiches, fruit, cake and a lollipop! Well done Barbi.

Most of us then had a leisurely afternoon as we regrouped for the formal presentation dinner. Most of us had assembled for dinner by about 7:00pm. We had booked for 145 meals and were looking forward to a succulent fare of spit roast beef, lamb and chicken with spuds, vegies, salads and a roll, followed by a selection of deserts. Unfortunately, some guests missed out on some of the selections as the caterer had seriously undercatered for the event. I offered our apologies to those concerned on the night. This was a severe disappointment to all of us involved with the Rally organisation and really took the shine off what was an otherwise terrific weekend. Rest assured that we will do better next year.

After main course, our energetic MC, Waine Summerfield ran the Raffle with many happy winners. Marge/Margo, alias Morgo will find it hard to shake his newly found nicknames! Well done to all of the winners and a very special thank you to all of our prize donors. Thanks also to Warren Feakes for co-ordinating all of our sponsors and raffle prizes. After the raffle, the MC called for the Club 'Town Crier', alias yours truly, to 'call all to order' for the inauguration of the 'Dishonourable Order of the Tin' a perpetual, 'perpetrol' trophy for those found wanting (for petrol) during any of the runs over the Rally weekend.

The inauguration 'cry' was as follows:

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let it be known from this day forth That the following persons who ran out of petrol during a Rally or Club event Are hereby admitted to the Dishonourable Order of the Tin As punishment for their sin Their names will be forever recorded On the Official Perpetrol Trophy For all to see and to smirk upon Added to this Any person seen engaged in smirk Who is subsequently reported for the same sin Shall be immediately admitted to the aforementioned Dishonourable Order of the Tin And be smirked upon too."

The Trophy was duly inaugurated with two backdated 2000 recipients, Peter Swords and Paul Dunster (accepted by brother Tim Dunster in Paul's conspicuous absence!). As well, the only 2001 recipient was duly accepted into the Order - Lyn Randall, who ran out of petrol on her 2000 Aprilia 600 single during the ride to Parliament House! The formal Trophy presentation followed with some very worthy winners. See below.

On Sunday morning about 50 'stayers' headed off on a Scenic Ride to the Canberra lookouts. Waine Summerfield acted as tour guide and led off on his intrepid 350cc AJS. He normally wrings the little 'AJ's neck, but not this time: instead he led at a blistering 40-50 kmh pace gesticulating left and right to point out major landmarks. We took in Ainslie lookout, Redhill Lookout, Mt Stromlo and Telstra Tower. At each stop Waine provided appropriate commentary for the 'out-of-towners' and locals alike. Someone said he has the gift of the gab and who am I to doubt it! Everyone enjoyed the leisurely ride immensely and especially when Canberra's history, landmarks and architecture were so eloquently explained by Waine. Well done Waine.

On return to EPIC Ross and his helpers again had a sausage sandwich waiting with a bit of cake and a cuppa. Once lunch was over several of our stalwarts quietly went about the cleanup. The crew was as detailed at the end of this report. Once again, we had enjoyed a great Rally. The months of planning and hard work put in by the many helpers had again paid off. This year we were also blessed with no rain, good riding, good food, good fellowship and lots of fun, albeit a little too hot one or two days.

Thank you to all of the helpers, both behind the scenes and 'up-front'. It takes a lot of hard work from dedicated people to make it run smoothly. I hope that I didn't miss anyone out of my 'helpers list' below. If I did, my apologies. As you can see it takes a band of thousands to make it all happen. Once again, my sincere thanks to one and all. I trust that all of the entrants enjoyed the Rally as much as I did. We hope to see you back again for our 25th Australia Day Rally in 2002.

Safe riding
Bill Lewis

Major Trophy Winners (complete list will be in the Rally Special Edition):

Best Veteran 1st Erik Larsen's 1908 Triumph
Best Vintage 1st Garry Solomons 1928 Triumph TT
2nd TJ Dunn's 1923 Raleigh
3rd Bill Lewis' 1929 BSA OHV Sloper
Best Pre-War Classic 1st Wayne Bryant's 1933 New Imperial
2nd John Ducat's 1937 BSA M23 Empire Star
3rd Bob Courtney's 1945 Triumph 3HW
Best Post-War Classic I 1st Warren Feakes' 1947 Ariel VH
2nd Floyd Primmer's 1952 Motto Guzzi Falcone Sport
3rd Bruce Pilgrim's 1957 Velocette Venom
Best Post-War Classic II 1st Ernie Seary's 1958 Triumph T110
2nd Steve Shockley's 1967 Norton 650SS
3rd Kerryn Darderi's 1962 BSA Rocket Gold Star
Best Modern 1st James Primmer's 1972 Ducati Desmo
2nd Joe Eastmuir's 1996 BMW R100RT
3rd Scott Jury's 2000 Kawasaki W650
Best Outfit 1st Allan Smith's 1957 Triumph Thunderbird Outfit
2nd Rob Wooley's 1917 Harley Davidson J
3rd Robert Harris' 1944 Indian Chief
Best Military 1st Jim Carmody's 1942 BSA WM20
Best 'American Iron' Denis Tobler's 1941 Harley Davidson WL
Best Triumph Bob Courtney's 1945 Triumph 3HW
Best Norton Steve Shockley's 1967 Norton 650SS
Best BSA John Ducat's 1937 BSA M23 Empire Star
Best AJS/Matchless Wilf Rath's 1955 AJS 16M
Best Restoration Dick Holland's 1955 BSA-JAP (with a little help in the engine department from Hector Sunderland)
Best Sporting Interest Nils Lantzke's 1968 BSA Firebird
Best Junior Alison Dunster
Best Lady Lorraine Litster on her Velo and Triumph
Hard luck Story Dick Stubbs' 1939 Ariel (sticking exhaust valve in 34C heat)
Slow Race 1st 20.18 sec Geoff Meller & 1951 AJS 18/S
2nd 16.5 sec Salty & 1961 Lambretta LI150
3rd 16.1 sec Graeme Cramp & 1958 BMW R60
Slalom 1st 23.32 sec John Somerville & 1968 Bultaco Metralla
2nd 26.5 sec Tim Dunster & 1968 Triumph TR6P
3rd 27.93 sec Vince Darderi & 1970 Suzuki T500
Judgement 1st 55mm Ray Scott & 1949 Triumph Speed Twin
2nd 70mm Howard Kneebone & 1950 Jawa Type II
3rd 80mm Geoff Meller & 1951 AJS 18/S
Exhaust Note 1st Geoff Meller & 1951 AJS 18/S (?? sounded like a methanol burning race bike to me!)
King of the Rally Gary Solomon & 1928 Triumph TT

A special 'thanks' to all of our Rally Sponsors and Trophy Donors:
Harry Julian Best Junior
Harry Julian Best Lady Triumph Register Best Triumph
Ron Bailey Best Norton
Dunster Automotive Best Sporting Interest
Barbi Osborn Exhaust Note Competition
Insurance Manufacturers of Australia $250 Donation
ACT Motorcycle Wreckers Sinisalo Cap
Action Motorcycles $50 Gift Voucher
Canberra Motorcycle Centre $50 Gift Voucher
Chequered Flag Bookshop Jim Redman Book
Dahlitz Motorcycles Husqvarna Polo Shirt
Gecko Motorcycle Company $50 Gift Voucher
Joe's Motorcycle Wreckers Universal Bike Lifter Permatex (Loctite) Three Loctite Packs
Robbo's Motorcycles $50 Gift Voucher
Chris Mack's Tyre Zone 4 Wheel Alignment
WORKIN' GEAR Akubra Hat of choice ( to $99)

Rally Responsibilities & helpers (Many thanks again to all concerned):
Rally Director Bill Lewis
EPIC Hire,etc Bill Lewis
Trophies Artwork/Design Bill Lewis
Glasses supplied by Trojan Hospitality, Fyshwick
Glasses engraved by Lacecraft, Federation Square
Badges Artwork/Design Bill Lewis Made by Canberra Trophies and Nameplates, Maryborough St, Fyshwick
Advertising Bill Lewis

Catering at EPIC:
Friday lunch: Ross Everitt, Nerida Barges, Peter Barges, Dick Stubbs, Waine Summerfield, Helen Harvey, Bob Lawrence
Friday Dinner: Ross Everitt, Debbie Lewis, Waine Summerfield, Dick Stubbs, Gwen Jury, Roy Jury, Ros Jury, Marianne, Kylie and Darryl Helmers
Saturday lunch: Barbi Osborn Sunday lunch: Ross Everitt, Waine Summerfield
Lanyon Morning Tea Dick Holland, Hector Sunderland, John Somerville
Cakes and sandwiches Lyn Scott, Lyn Nicholas, Nerida Barges, Sue Rann and many others
Cotter Drinks Stop John Sever
Liquor License Bill Lewis
Drinks Purchase John Sever & Peter Barges
Table/Chair Hire Bill Lewis
Spit Roast Canberra Spit Roast
Dinner/Lunch Ticket Printing Bill Lewis
Grand Marshall T.J. Dunne
Back-up vehicles Steve Butcher, Deb Lewis, Ross Everitt, Peter Barges
Property John Broad & truck Tables, Vests, Signs, Freezers, Megaphone, Fridge & BBQ (at Ross Everitt's), Gymkhana witches hats & poles, star pickets
Category Signs Ernie Seary
Cash, Float,etc Rod Greschke
Raffle Prizes Warren Feakes
Sponsorship Co-ordination Warren Feakes
MC for Dinner & Presentations Waine Summerfield
Dinner Barman Roy Jury
Trophy Presentations Bill Lewis
Microphone for Presentations EPIC
Dinner Ticket Collectors Geoff Nicholas & John Sever
Drip tray cardboard Rod Greschke
Rally Mailout Address compilation Steve Butcher
Address labels Lyn Randall
Mailout Bill Lewis
Sponsors letters Warren Feakes
Rally Registration Desk Roy Jury
Raffle Ticket sales Scott Jury, Ros Jury
Rally Entry receipting Rod Greschke
Rally Database Lyn Randall
Trophy Tallying & Printing Lyn Randall & Jon Gough
Gymkhana Events Jon Gough
Exhaust Note Event & Trophy Barbi Osborn
Sunday Rally Clean-up Crew Ross Everitt, John Broad, Rod Greschke, Steve Butcher, Marrianne & Darryl Helmers, Bob Courtney, Bob Lawrence
Rally Report Bill Lewis
Bike Torque Rally Special Edition Lyn Randall

We hope to see you back again for our 25th Australia Day Rally in 2002.