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MRA Blanket Run
Saturday, 11 May 2013

report by John Somerville

G'day All,
There were only 2 VVCMCC club members plus 1 visitor on this run, so I guess it is up to me to write a report for our club's magazine.

Those present were:
John Somerville - Triumph Bonneville 2006
Ian Stevens - Suzuki T250 1969
Jonathan Hawkins (visitor) - Suzuki T125 1971 (owned by Ian Stevens).

The annual MRA Blanket Run (in support of The Salvation Army) started as usual at 08:30 in front of the old parliament house on Saturday 11 May.

Perfect weather for a ride, a chill in the air and clear blue sky, by lunchtime it was quite warm, even hot and all the warm riding gear came off.

Breakfast was available in the form of sausage sangas, egg & bacon rolls etc. washed down with hot coffee, all proceeds to the salvos.

The ride itself started at 10:00am and the ~200 bikes were flagged away by the local constabulary who did a great job in stopping traffic to let all the bikes past.

From old parliament house the route took us onto Commonwealth Avenue heading south then around Capital Hill and onto Adelaide Avenue.

A slowish ride in the bus lane to Woden then around the big roundabout and back again along Adelaide Ave to Capital Hill where we turned onto King's Ave., across the lake then left into the lawns onshore of the Carillon.

The big Salvos van was there along with MRA reps and local pollies (no doubt chasing votes!) who made the obligatory speeches and awarded trophies for the club with the largest attendance etc.

A big pile of blankets / doonas was soon deposited and a collection of ~$1800 cash was made, a successful result for Canberra's homeless & cold residents this Winter.

Many motorcycle groups and clubs made the ride a success, but where were all the other VVCMCC members? I guess they were busy.

It was all over by 12:00 and the riders disappeared to all parts of Canberra or to rallies over the border.

That's about it, ...No 'photos I'm afraid.

John Somerville

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